Welcome to the Pointe East/B.L.I.S.S Sire Dam List


This is a MODEL HORSE web site.  Any reference to real horses or pedigrees is strictly for educational and entertainment purposes only.  You have just entered a site dedicated to one of the most interesting aspects of the Model Horse hobby, pedigree assignment.  None of the horses on these pages are real.  Any real horses mentioned as sires or dams of my horses will be noted so by a ® (or {r}) after their names.

Indigo Creek Stables offers some of the top bloodlines in many breeds.  Some of my horses have successfully competed in photo and live shows, and many have produced show winners.

I have a few simple guidelines for use of my horses in your pedigree assignment program:

Email breeding requests to:  pointeast@gmail.com

Information required for “foal”:
Foal’s name
Year foaled (please provide at least 1 alternate foaling year)
Make &  mold
Finish (if customized then please state artist)
Owner’s name
Sire requested
Dam requested

Please double-check that all information is included and correct.  Also, please send NO MORE THAN TWO REQUESTS AT ONE TIME.  I have recently had several people submitting a large number of requests, and with missing and/or incorrect information.  I have limited time to devote to this “hobby” and cannot waste time waiting for back-and-forth messages.

If one of the parents is not owned by Indigo Creek Stables then the above information is required on that parent, plus a pedigree.

Breeding certificates/pedigrees are sent via email attachments (I usually send them as PDF files, but can send them as Word or rtf attachments, as well), fees are free to IPABRA club and discussion list members.

I reserve the right to accept breedings as I see fit. Please follow genetic-color guidelines.

Some notes:
“Approval of foal required” — all models bearing this notation will need to have their prospective foals approved. Please email me for requirements.

“Photo of foal requested” — this is noted with models who are showing in Get of Sire/Produce of Dam classes. A photo of the foal is greatly appreciated for horses bearing this notation.

Please feel free to ask questions — I love to talk about pedigrees, bloodlines, etc. Thank you!

So sit back, relax, and take a look around. I have a wide variety of bloodlines to choose from, maybe just the right ones for that special horse!  Use the menus at the top of the page for navigation!