The Micro Micro Show!

April 15, 2017
Cornhusker Bank Community Room
8310 O Street

Lincoln, Nebraska


Half a day show for Custom and Artist Resin/Artist Pewter Micro Mini/Bantam Scale models!  All classes double judged for Halter and Workmanship (fantasy double judged for workmanship).  After the show is over, we can go out to eat as a group.  There are several places nearby, notably Parker’s BBQ and The Watering Hole!


Note:  This show will start at noon, show hall opens at 11.  I don’t anticipate it going late, we should be out in time for dinner!


  • Carra McClelland
  • Heather Downing (pending)
  • Margaret Balch
  • Kiersten Schmieding


Classlist (Custom and AR will follow this classlist):


  1. Light Breeds
  2. Stock Breeds
  3. Sport/Carriage Breeds
  4. Draft Breeds
  5. Pony Breeds
  6. Spanish Breeds
  7. Gaited Breeds
  8. Longears/Exotics
  9. Fantasy (yellow card only – NAMHSA rules)
  10. All Foals


This show is exclusively for Micro-mini and Bantam Scale Horses.  Horses marketed at Chips or Stablemate size are ineligible.  Judges have final determination if a horse is out of scale.


  1. Awards will be given for first and second place in each class, as well as Champion/Reserve Custom and Champion/Reserve Artist Resin for both Workmanship and Halter..  There will then be an overall champion awarded for both Workmanship and Halter.
  2. We are a NAMHSA Member Show! The first and second place horses in each class will be awarded a NAN card.  Remember, this show is double-judged for halter and workmanship.
  3. There are no class entry limits.
  4. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  Anyone engaging in such conduct will be removed from the show hall, and no refunds given.
  5. Classes may be split if entries warrant it.
  6. All judge’s opinions are final.  Asking a judge questions is permitted.  Arguing with a judge is not.
  7. For foal classes, the horse being exhibited should represent an equid that is one year of age or younger.



Find the Raffle information HERE. Raffle donations are always welcome.



Entry Information:




Email Address:


Telephone Number:




Rather than take monetary entry fees for this show, we are going to collect goods for the Lincoln Public Schools/Lincoln Food Bank Backpack Program.  Your entry fee will be covered by purchasing 2 backpacks off this Amazon Wishlist (all items will ship to the show holder).  Please include a gift note with your order so that I know who it came from.  If you do not wish to shop for backpacks, you can also enter by sending a $15 Amazon gift card to  This will be applied to the purchase of backpacks and other needs for the Packpack Program.

Please email the above information to Carra at