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Tickets ate $1 for 1 or $6 for 5.

Instant Show String!

Can’t attend but still want in? Check out this instant show string. Your entry includes the horses shown here + entry in the show. Postage to be paid by winner. Horses will be carefully packed with all your winnings!

Foal Lot #1

These beautiful bay foals are just waiting to join your collection!

Foal Lot #2

These two cuties are also ready to head up and head out to join your china cabinet! Very interesting wash type glaze!

Aggretsuko Mystery Snack Box

Fun themed mystery snack box from Japan! Includes a bunch of goodies including a drink! Winner gets to open!

Variety Pack of Mr. Brown Coffee from Japan

Widely available in convenience stores and vending machines in Japan, this quick little pick me up is flavorful and can be had hot or cold.

Poppin’ Cookin’ Kits + Sanrio Candy

Fun DIY Candy Kits from Japan with some Sanrio character snacks to tide you over while you make tiny doughtnuts and waffles. Super fun!

OF Breyer Instant Show String!

Add these beautiful model provided by generous donors to your collection. Your raffle ticket includes entry into the show + the horses shown here! Winner pays postage for horses and any awards won. Horses will be carefully packed.

Sushi/Small Plate Set from Hot Mess Glassworks/Carra McClelland

The beautiful set evokes Hawaii with a main plate representing the beach at sunset and the beautiful volcanic mountains and the side dishes representing the ocean and the creative/destructive force of lava. This set comes with high quality soy sauce, real wasabi, lots of Japanese treats, a chopstick rest and a set of chopsticks.

Set of 5 Capsules from the 2021 Breyerfest Gachapon Machine

Now sold out, the Breyerfest Gachapon Machine is a cooperative effort of 9 hobby artists from 3 countries to bring you fun mini medallions! Like all Gachapon machines, you don’t know which medallion you are going to get when you turn the crank. These are the last 5 from the 2021 machine! There is some fun and sparkly stuff in here!