We have been pleasantly surprised with raffle donations!

Proxy raffle ticket purchases are allowed! Drawing will be day of show unless otherwise notes. Tickets are $1 for one or $5 for 6. For the purposes of this raffle, please send an Amazon gift card in the amount you wish to purchase to helpdeskchick@gmail.com

All proceeds will be used to purchase reusable grocery bags for the Food Bank of Lincoln Backpack Program. All winners are responsible for postage on their winnings.

Let’s get to it!

BYOC Bone China Boxing Shire

Beautiful pinto Boxing Shire by Animal Artistry for BYOC 2001. There were 105 pieces in this run.

This guy has amazing detail that includes mottling on his muzzle and a great facial expression.

Enesco Made in japan Cave Drawing Vase

I found this vase looking for something else entirely, but it was too good of a find and too perfect to NOT put it here! It has a couple of small glaze flaws (as a lot of decorative items do) but they do not retract from the overall appearance of this piece. It is approximately 7” y’all and would look amazing with a wide variety of flowers or just by itself.

Mystery Show String of Intrigue

Because of a generous donation, I am able to present to you **dramatic music** The Mystery Show String of Intrigue **thunderclap**

This raffle will be drawn on the Friday before the show. The winner will get 7 Japan China horses, they will be named fun (though tasteful) names and shown. I can’t promise anything in terms of placings but the horses will be sent to their new owner the week after the show with their goodies! Your entry fee in the show is included with this raffle. Proxy showing will be done by an existing entrant.

Here is a small sneak peek of one of the horses in this lot:

Lefton Lambs

Check out this adorable pair of Lefton lambs!  With those cute faces, you need to add these to your collection!

Western Horse Copy

Fans of the Breyer Western Horse and Pony need this bright, sunny fellow!

Beautiful Poodle

This poodle is amazing in her great hair cut!  She has such soft, beautiful shading.

Down on Our Luck Lot

What do you do when you have 3 awesome pieces, but they all have issues? Find them a sympathetic home where they can be restored or loved.  Every horse in this lot has at least 1 broken leg.  They have been glued with mixed success and grey horse has one break that wasn’t entirely clean.  But these molds are really nice and these 3 horses deserve a shot at being loved.  They will be packed with extra care for their journey home.