3d Printed Props for the Model Horse Performance Junkie

Welcome to Prep Your Props! We 3d print props for Model Horse Performance Showing in scales from Stablemate on up. Props come to you fresh off the printer, so you will need to clean them up, but the sand and even prime and paint very well. Our catalog is below:

Jump Blox

Just like the real thing! Stackable and stable to help you create awesome obstacles.  Note:  Due to an agreement with the artist who created these blox, I am only able to trade for filament for these items and any packages that contain them.  Jump Blox come in packs of 4.

Traditional2 Rolls
Classic2 Rolls
Littlebit1 Roll
Stablemate1 Roll
Pebbles1 Roll
Chips1 Roll


Filament can be found here.  Each filament item on the list counts as one roll with the exception of the 3 and 12 pack bundles: http://a.co/1nQ8A72