Welcome to the small but mighty Showpool Raffle!  While I am holding back a few items to just be raffled at the show, there are some great goodies here!

How to get tickets:

This show in a benefit for the Lincoln Food Bank/LPS Backpack Program.  As such, as with the entry fee, I am asking for backpacks and/or gift cards to buy backpacks. There are a couple ways to acquire tickets:

  • Buy backpacks from this list on Amazon: Backpack Drive Wishlist – You will be given tickets in line with how much you spend on backpacks.  Email me your purchase and we will be good!
  • Buy an Amazon gift card and sent it to helpdeskchick@gmail.com
  • Buy a Wal-Mart, Target or other big box store gift card and send it to helpdeskchck@gmail.com

Raffle tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.  Thanks for stopping by!  Lets get to the good stuff!

Red and Black Micro Mini Drafters by Melissa Addison

Look at these little cuties!  In line with the theme of our show, you get one red and one black Micro draft horse in this raffle!  So adorable!


Look at this Blobby Buddy by Margaret Balch!  He wants a taco, and he wants to go home with you!

Firiona Resin to Black & Red Pegasus by Airen Chandler

Wowza!  Look at this Classic Sized beauty! She had gorgeous depth of color and this mold lends itself well to being a fantasy equine!

Custom Saddle Racks by Bobbie Allen

Help store your model saddles in style!  Bobbie has sent us TWO custom saddle racks for Showpool.  Laser cut from wood and hand painted!