November 18, 2017
Cornhusker Bank Community Room
8301 O Street
Lincoln, Nebraska


Half-Day show for Custom model horses (no Artist Resins) classic scale or larger.  Horses at this show must fall within the allowed colors below.


Allowed Colors:


  • Black (including Sunburnt Black)
  • Chestnut (all shades)
  • The above colors with Pinto markings
  • The above colors with Appaloosa markings
  • The above colors with Rabicano/White Ticking
  • The above colors with true Roan


No Dilutes, no Bays of any kind. No Greys of any kind. Fantasy equines must have a Black or Chestnut base as outlined above.


This show is double judged for Halter and Workmanship.  Fantasy equines will be double judged for Workmanship.  Classes may be split if entries warrant.


This show will start at noon (show hall will open at 11).



Carra McClelland
Kiersten Schmieding
Dvisions TBD


Divisions as follows:

Classic Sized Chestnut, Classic Sized Black, Traditional+ Chestnut, Traditional+ Black.  All divisions will follow the same classlist:

  1. Arabian
  2. Other Light
  3. Thoroughbred
  4. All Warmblood
  5. Other Sport
  6. European Draft
  7. American Draft
  8. Other Draft
  9. British Natives (Incl. Welsh Sec. D)
  10. European Ponies
  11. American Ponies
  12. Other Ponies/Cobs (Gypsy Horses go here)
  13. Spanish/Iberian Breeds (Spanish Gaited go here)
  14. Gaited Breeds
  15. Solid Stock Breeds
  16. Patterned Stock Breeds
  17. Longears/Exotics
  18. Fantasy (NAMHSA rules – Yellow cards awarded)
  19. All Foals


This show is exclusively for customized, mass-produced model horses.  No Artist Resins will be permitted.  Mass Produced models include:

  • Breyer
  • Stone
  • Copperfox
  • Black Horse Ranch resins
  • Sandicast Resins
  • Equine Collection Resins
  • Hartlands
  • Collect-A
  • Other brands of mass produced plastic models that come painted and are available for purchase in retail outlets and online.
  • Cold-painted large run Chinas


  1. Awards will be given to first and second place in each class.  Championships will be awarded for:
    1. Classic Chestnut
    2. Classic Black
    3. Traditional Chestnut
    4. Traditional Black
    5. Overall Halter
    6. Overall Workmanship
  2. We are applying for NAMHSA membership.  When attained, first and second place horses in each class will receive a NAN card.
  3. Due to space constraints in our hall, there is a limit of 3 horses per shower per class.
  4. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  Anyone engaging in such behavior will be removed from the show hall and no refunds given.
  5. Classes may be split if entries warrant.
  6. All judge’s opinions and placings are final.  Questions are permitted, arguing is not.
  7. For foal classes, the horse being exhibited should represent an equid that is one year of age or younger.
  8. Proxy entries are welcome, please arrange for someone to proxy show for you.


How to Enter:


Please fill out the following form:


Showpool Entry Form


We have very limited seating, so early entry is encouraged.  Extra tables will not be available.


Then, to pay you entry fee, go to this wishlist on Amazon:




and purchase 2 backpacks.  They will ship right to Carra.  Please include a gift note in your package so I can give you credit for your entry (or email a screenshot of your purchase to  Alternatively, you can send a $15 Amazon gift card to


Why are you taking backpacks instead of entry fees?


This show is a benefit for the Lincoln Food Bank/Lincoln Public Schools Backpack Program.  This program sends food-filled backpacks home with students who face lack of food security over the weekend.  Currently a little over 40% of the children living in Lincoln live below the poverty line.  Having food over the weekend is vital to their growth and development.  For information on the backpack program go (food bank link).


Show Hall Notes:

  • The tables in the show hall are round.  We do not have an option for long tables.  Please plan accordingly.
  • The show hall is in the community room of a bank.  If you leave the building (to run to your car, for example), you will need to be let back in by someone at the show.
  • There is a kitchen with vending machines available  Outside food is allowed, but please clean up after yourself if you bring food.
  • Service animals are allowed.  No other animals are.